Story of Cocotte Curry

In 1990, a Sri Lankan part-time kitchen employee at Benihana Bekkan made a staff meal of curry with Sri Lankan spices. It soon became a favorite with the staff and caught the attention of the head chef.

This part-time worker had an associate working in the Sri Lankan embassy who was contacted by the head chef. Together they improved the soup curry creating something unique from Sri Lankan or Japanese Curry. From repeated trial and error and trying new spices and ingredients they created this soup curry. It is served in a glazed ceramic cocotte and has been a customer favorite for over 30 years.

Originally, there was the chicken cocotte curry and later,  the seafood cocotte curry and shrimp cocotte curry were introduced. Since then, there have been many variations and we plan to continue to experiment and expand on this favorite dish. Our spicy Sri Lankan cocotte curry has become one of  the most popular and essential dishes at Benihana Bekkan.


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